Technology Offerings

TowerJazz, through its Newport Beach facility (Jazz Semiconductor), supplies strategic, on-shore foundry services for critical U.S. Aerospace and Defense (A&D) applications through its industry and segment expertise. The company has extensive capabilities and brings a broad range of commercially available technologies and services to the A&D community.

Jazz is the single supplier serving the widest range of technologies that may be used by A&D customers for Government, Military, and Defense requirements, including Large Die ROICs, imagers, MEMS and millimeter wave devices, among others.

With capacity expansion and new technologies in areas such as high-speed SiGe, Readout Integrated Circuits (7ML and 8ML ROICs), Imaging, and MEMS, TowerJazz continues to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to its A&D customers.

Recent activities to further support A&D customers include the DMEA (Defense Microelectronics Activity) Accreditation of Jazz Semiconductor Trusted Foundry (JSTF), and implementation of new technologies that may be developed by A&D customers for applicability in the aerospace and defense market, including CMOS image sensors, ROICs, and new capabilities for IR camera components.

Advanced SiGe BiCMOS Technologies

Our industry leading SiGe BiCMOS process is optimized for next-generation needs for high-speed interfaces in communication protocols.

Mixed-Signal CMOS Platform

Our mixed-signal CMOS offerings support designs from 0.5μm down to 0.13μm production process nodes. We enable process and design enablement customization within each of these process nodes.

CMOS Image Sensor (CIS)

The Jazz Ci18N, N type photodiode and the Jazz Ci18P, P type photodiode process technologies add CMOS imager capability to the CA18 process family.